Anyone living with diabetes in the Philippines should know the 3 highs in health that should be managed. Having high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol can be hazardous to your well-being.

After all, these clusters of conditions make up the metabolic syndrome that can increase your risk of getting chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes.

The key to a better life is diabetes management. In this article, we will provide significant health information that should help you avoid, minimize, or manage these chronic illnesses.

How To Manage The 3 Highs In Health

Regardless of your age, you should pay special attention to the 3 highs in health. If you are at the peak of health, it is crucial to avoid having high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Knowing the enemy will give you a vantage point and help you prevent diabetes. However, if you are among the over six million Filipinos diagnosed with diabetes, then familiarizing yourself with these 3 highs in health will help you cope with diabetes management.

High Blood Pressure

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can be hereditary. Genes play an important part in developing these conditions. However, an unhealthy lifestyle can increase your risk in getting these 3 highs in health. These conditions can lead to serious health complications when they remain unmanaged.

You increase your risk of getting high blood pressure if you eat foods that are high in cholesterol, fat, and salt. Minimize this risk by opting for nutritious and fiber-rich food like whole grains and fruits.

High Blood Sugar

Controlling your high blood sugar level is part of an effective diabetes management plan. Having high blood sugar for a long period of time can be hazardous to your health. This can cause blurred vision, diabetic ketoacidosis, organ damage, or even a heart attack.

Diabetes treatment can be an effective way of reducing your high blood sugar. However, you should also avoid processed food and sugary drinks. Opt for a cleansing tea like Lowsutea to supplement your doctor’s prescription.

High Cholesterol

Having high cholesterol and diabetes can be a health nightmare as it increases your risk for a stroke. Diabetes can increase your bad cholesterol levels, and reduce your good cholesterol levels. To combat this, your diabetes management plan should focus on proper diet, exercise, and monitoring high blood sugar levels.

Avoid the 3 Highs in Health to Stay Healthy

Managing these 3 highs in health can be quite a challenge, but it’s not an impossible feat. Take advantage of all-natural supplements like Lowsutea to help you fight high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol.

This FDA-approved cleansing tea is made of guava leaf bits and bitter melon, ingredients that naturally help block sugar from being absorbed into your bloodstream, making it an excellent beverage for pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals. Check out the Lowsutea product that fits you right and start your road to better health today.