The Man Behind the Gift of Life (Founder)

Andrew Lau, the founder of Lowsutea has devoted 40 years of his career in healthcare. After spending years in the industry, Andrew now dedicates himself into crafting functional teas with the sole purpose of giving his customers the “Gift of Life”.

Being born in a family of tea creators, Andrew Lau has been exposed to crafting teas all his life. His background in healthcare inspired him to expand their three generations of tea business into functional tea making.
Taking his own career path, Andrew did not initially join the family business, instead he answered a higher calling for saving lives in healthcare. He became a registered nurse situated in the ER and Intensive Care Units. He went on to share his expertise in Asia and became the Asia Pacific Vice President for Baxter Healthcare and the Regional Director for Abbot Laboratories. Andrew spent 40 years dedicating his life to healthcare and dealing with Diabetic patients.

After his retirement from his career in healthcare, Andrew was inspired by his family’s passion for tea making and joined his family business, Wah Fong Tea Company Ltd. He joined with the goal of creating “Healthy Enjoyment of Quality Life” for his customers. Among their existing tea offerings, he developed a health and wellness tea infusion, Lowsutea, a unique blend of natural ingredients for sugar cleansing targeted to aid pre-diabetic and diabetic patients in their sugar control.
Lowsutea is only the first of a series of functional teas. Andrew continuously strives to support people’s health and well-being by crafting functional teas with natural and high quality ingredients sourced from around the all over the globe.

Andrew Lau

Andrew Lau

the founder of Lowsutea