“Because my mother had type 2 diabetes, they pricked my finger only at 17” – Melody

Melody’s blood sugar was 306 mg/dL (17 mmol/L), just after drinking the tea for 5 days, with proper diet, her blood sugar dropped to 84.6 mg/dL (4.7 mmol/L).

“My husband no longer needs Insulin because of Lowsutea!” – Pat Cheung

My husband no longer needs Insulin because of Lowsutea! – Pat Cheung

Pat and husband have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

My husband’s blood sugar level was above 180 mg/dl (10mmol/L). After drinking Lowsutea, his blood sugar dropped to between 72-90mg/dl (4-5 mmol/L ) and A1C dropped to 6.1%. And before I drink Lowsutea, my blood sugar was not ideal either, it was 126-145 mg/dl (7-8mmol/L), doctor said might need to add more medication. After drinking Lowsutea, my blood sugar dropped to 90mg/dl ( 5mmol/L)/. It helped us a lot. Doctor didn’t add more medication.

“Now there’s hope” – Faye

 From Gestational to developing into Type 2 diabetes

I started it with Gestational diabetes diabetics and ended up with type 2 diabetics, I was taking medications, always spike after every meal. Drinking this tea, I notice the spiking would only go up to 160, 180, which was good, and then it drops down to 90, 95, 110.  It tastes good, and very easy to make the tea, I can carry the bottle with me, no longer go to Starbucks!