“My husband no longer needs Insulin because of Lowsutea!” – Pat Cheung

My husband no longer needs Insulin because of Lowsutea! – Pat Cheung

Pat and husband have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

My husband’s blood sugar level was above 180 mg/dl (10mmol/L). After drinking Lowsutea, his blood sugar dropped to between 72-90mg/dl (4-5 mmol/L ) and A1C dropped to 6.1%. And before I drink Lowsutea, my blood sugar was not ideal either, it was 126-145 mg/dl (7-8mmol/L), doctor said might need to add more medication. After drinking Lowsutea, my blood sugar dropped to 90mg/dl ( 5mmol/L)/. It helped us a lot. Doctor didn’t add more medication.

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