Having diabetes can entail a life-long challenge for most. Diabetes treatment can be laborious and expensive. Some diabetic people have to take daily insulin therapy to survive. In spite of this, diabetes prevention remains imperative as the illness can lead to many other health complications. Fortunately, there are far easier, more accessible, and more affordable ways you can reduce your and your loved ones’ risk of getting diabetes.

Make diabetes prevention easy by going all-natural

Going for the natural route is one of the most effective ways of diabetes prevention. You don’t even have to invest a lot of money and effort into it. You simply need to make a conscious decision to lead a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise, quitting smoking, and of course, having a healthy diet. 

A well-balanced daily diet helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, contributing to lower blood sugar levels. Hence, you should watch your diet and opt for more nutritious food choices. In turn, your diet can help prevent diabetes naturally. With the right diet plan, you can reduce your diabetes risk and stand to gain a lot of benefits. As a start, you can make these crucial changes to your diet:

Make diabetes prevention easy by going all-natural

It can be hard to eat meals without rice since we Filipinos are a rice-loving nation, after all. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to cut out rice entirely. You can opt for healthier options like brown rice, quinoa, and even Adlai. This way, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of too much. 

Eat a lot of fiber

Getting substantial amounts of fiber can help prevent sugar spikes and insulin levels. Instead of eating cake or ice cream, you can have fruits such as apples, bananas, and strawberries for dessert. Swap out the starchy snacks with whole grain oats and plain popcorn. 

Avoid processed and fast food

Many Filipinos tend to favor eating processed and fast food because they’re accessible and cheaper. Choosing to say no to these unhealthy food choices can do a lot of wonders to your overall health, and that includes helping prevent diabetes

Skip the sugary drinks

While soda and energy drinks may be tasty, they spike up your sugar levels tremendously. Instead of reaching out for these unhealthy choices, you can opt for an all-natural tea drink, like Lowsutea, instead.

Lowsutea is a healthy beverage that can help you keep diabetes at bay in different ways. In fact, it’s a great supplement to doctor-prescribed diabetes management medicine. This FDA-approved tea helps delay the onset of diabetic complications as it lowers your cholesterol level. At the same time, it lessens your chances of getting hypertension while providing many antioxidant effects.

Lowsutea comprises two main ingredients: guava leaf bits and bitter melon. Guava leaf helps to block the absorption of sugar entering into blood vessels. Meanwhile, bitter melon acts like insulin, taking sugar into cells. With these two powerful ingredients combined, you can lower your diabetes risk while enjoying a delicious beverage. What’s excellent about Lowsutea is that you can drink it cold or hot, which means you can enjoy it according to your personal preference.

Join the advocacy for diabetes prevention

There is no wonder as to why health gurus like Cory Quirino have made Lowsutea a part of their wellness routine. After all, effective diabetes prevention and management starts with a decision, and you can begin your own journey by following our five programs.

Want to take a more active part in our advocacy for diabetes prevention? Join Cory and several other health champions by signing up for our brand ambassador program. As a Lowsutea ambassador, you can distribute Lowsutea products to your community, helping diabetic and prediabetic individuals have a better life while also earning for yourself. Contact us today to learn more.