How Lowsutea’s 5 Programs Can Jumpstart Your Journey Towards Lower Blood Sugar

“Sweets for my sweet– sugar for my honey.”

If you know this 1963 tune from The Searchers, chances are you’ve been prone to diabetes for a long time now. Globally, Southeast Asians drew the short straw as the onset of pre-diabetes can manifest by age 26 and, in some cases, even earlier.

With over six million Filipinos diagnosed with this non-communicable disease, it won’t matter much whether you’re listening to The Searchers or Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” No need to worry, though, as we’ve come up with five simple programs anchored on our cleansing wonder, Lowsutea. It aims to help you lower your blood sugar while preventing complications from diabetes.

1) Maintain your optimal weight and waist circumference

Carrying extra weight in your middle area promotes fat building around your liver and other internal organs. It results in insulin resistance, which prevents the hormone from getting through the fat and leads to higher blood glucose (sugar) levels in your system.

If you are already quite round around the waist, try to avoid foods such as white rice, pasta, and bread that can contribute to a fatty liver as much as possible.   

2) Observe proper dieting 

Aside from avoiding rice, bread, pasta, and other foods and beverages that contribute to a fatty liver, watching the other things you eat is equally important.
If you are a pre-diabetic or already have the disease, always try to maintain lower blood sugar within the right levels by going on a healthy diet of whole grains, sugar-free beverages, healthy fats, and limiting your red meat consumption. While you’re at it, try to do away with processed food altogether. Not only will your gut thank you for it, but you’ll immediately feel the benefits they offer your body once you get used to consuming healthier food.

3)  Exercise with appropriate physical activity 

With good exercise and the right diet, pre-diabetics can reverse their high glucose levels while also enabling their muscle cells to use insulin more efficiently.

On the other hand, being stagnant on the couch as you chomp on potato chips will only make your cells lose their sensitivity to insulin and make the sugar levels in your body go haywire.

Always find ways to get some exercise whether indoors or out. Not only will you be able to lower your blood sugar to safer levels but it will also release your endorphins (happy hormones), and other mood-regulating chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

4) Monitor your blood sugar 

Educating yourself on how to improve your lifestyle is another important defense tactic in your fight against diabetes. From knowing your target range to testing and recording your results, monitoring your blood sugar via devices such as the Abbott Libre Sensor will help you prevent complications if you are already a diabetic.
Visiting us online will also lead you to a treasure trove of resources that’s not only focused on controlling your blood sugar but also on how to follow our five programs for better health and wellness.

5) Drink Lowsutea and watch our weekly webinars

Most important of all, taking your diabetes medication along with healthy supplements such as our Lowsutea sugar cleansing tea can further aid you in your fight against diabetes.

Concocted by Mr. Andrew Lau who has over 40 years of healthcare experience, Lowsutea is born out of three generations of tea culture in his family that fuses wellness and high-quality ingredients for a uniquely functional tea that’s perfect for pre-diabetics and diabetics alike.
Aside from delaying the onset of complications by lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol to normal ranges, Lowsutea also provides you with antioxidants that reduce inflammation and promote anti-aging. Each bag is rich with guava leaf and bitter melon elements that help regulate glucose entering the blood vessels while amplifying insulin efficiency and detoxification.

Learn more about the benefits of Lowsutea’s five programs by signing up to our weekly webinars and start your fight against diabetes today!