Staying healthy during the holidays is a challenge that everyone must face. After all, it is the season not just for reuniting with family and friends, but also for eating Christmas food. It is so easy to give in to the temptation of binging when you attend parties and travel during the holidays. How can you eat healthy when sugary treats are just within your reach?

This post aims to provide an achievable solution for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients who are looking for alternative ways to control their blood sugar even during the holidays. If you or a family member have diabetes, here are some diabetes management ideas for you for the holidays.

Staying healthy during the holidays, is it possible?

It is possible to stay healthy during the holidays. It’s all about finding that elusive balance between eating Christmas food and being faithful to your diabetes management plan. Keeping your sugar level in check is already difficult the whole year round, moreso during the holidays.

Maintain a regular meal time

Never skip meals just to make room for the late holiday dinner, especially if you have diabetes. Skipping meals can lead to hypoglycemia. When you skip meals, you will most likely eat more. Stick to your regular meal time to keep your blood sugar in check. Keeping a regular meal time even during the holidays will help you avoid an unnecessary peak and drop in your blood sugar.

Eat smart

Stay healthy during the holidays by being faithful to the Food Pyramid which lists fruits and vegetables on top. Of course, stick to fruits that are within your diabetic management plan. You need not avoid buffets, but choose your Christmas food wisely. Most buffets include vegetable finger foods so be on the lookout for roasted chickpeas, olives and pickles. Carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers dipped in hummus or salsa will not only keep you full but also make sure you eat healthy during the holidays.

Mindful eating

Focusing on what you are eating can help you stay healthy during the holidays. Mindful eating means enjoying your food choices physically and emotionally. It takes some time before your brain signals that you are full so eat slowly and savor your Christmas food. This will help you enjoy your food more while keeping your intake in check. Eat your favorites, but in smaller portions. This way, you don’t feel deprived and yet you don’t take your diabetic management plan for granted.

Balance and pleasure

Eat the food you want but always keep a balance. If you want to satisfy that sweet tooth then do so, and in smaller portions. But cut back on carbohydrates and salty food so you still eat healthy. It’s all about keeping your balance while enjoying your Christmas food.

Keep Lowsutea’s 5 Programs in mind

You need not starve during the holidays even if you need to adhere to a diabetes management plan. By following Lowsutea’s 5 Programs, it is possible to stay healthy during the holidays. If you have diabetes, always prioritize fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will help keep your blood sugar level stable and keep your weight in check.

With regular exercise even during the holidays, you will be able to maintain your ideal waist circumference and keep stubborn fat from damaging your organs. Being active and eating right will help keep you away from the 3 highs in health namely high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol.

Staying healthy during the holidays is possible by always monitoring your blood sugar, and drinking lowsutea. This is a cleansing tea that can help you lower your blood sugar level and fight diabetes. Choose your Lowsutea here.